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Liefia is a professional strength coach who combines her academic background with years of experience training athletes of all levels, and specializing in strength and power development.  


She is a Professional Middleweight Strongwoman competitor, multi-time world champion, and multiple world record holder.  Most notably, she was the winner of the first ever Arnold Professional Strongwoman Championship in 2017, and went on to win titles as both Strongest Woman in the World and  World's Strongest Woman in 2018. 

When not training herself or others for total world-domination, Liefia can be found traveling, napping, and collecting snacks.

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DO, CSCS, aka "Dr. Meathead"

Seth is a current amateur strength athlete who has been involved in the world of strength sports since 2012. Although primarily competing as a nationally-qualified middleweight strongman, he also competes in powerlifting and the highland games, tallying multiple victories in all three sports in over 20 contests. Prior to his time as a strength athlete, Seth is a former NCAA football player, triathlete and obstacle racer.

Seth's background in multiple athletic disciplines has helped shape the way he approaches his high-performance coaching. He believes that there are very few “useless” exercises, as nearly any movement can have a place in an athlete's program, depending on his or her goals. Success in sport and prevention of injury requires a holistic and balanced approach that uses every tool in the toolbox. Given his experience training for and coaching a variety of sports, this is exactly how Seth attacks his clients' goals.

Also known as “Dr. Meathead,” Seth is a board-certified family physician with a focus in lifestyle and musculoskeletal medicine, nutrition, and corrective exercise. Just as he uses strength and conditioning principles to treat the ailments of his patients, he uses his extensive training in functional anatomy and biological sciences to prescribe the correct program for each of his clients. Lifestyle habits, nutrition, and injury history are important considerations to be made when designing and applying a program to any athlete, and Seth is well-equipped to deal with any combination of these.

*DISCLAIMER: Due to medico-legal restrictions, Seth is unable to give any direct medical advice via this platform. If you have any medical questions, please consult your personal physician. Always have a discussion with your physician prior to initiation of any diet or exercise program.

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Christine is a World’s Strongest Woman competitor and a Nationally Qualified NPC Physique competitor.

She is passionate about working with strength athletes and bodybuilders alike and emphasizes the importance of  nutrition, strategic, programming and mental health as a means of empowering clients to find (and feed) their inner badasses and build their athletic, aesthetic or internal strength.

Christine lives in Massachusetts with her husband Brian and two rescue dogs. She trains out of Titan Barbell in Stoneham, MA and Encompass Fitness Marlborough.

Aside from hoisting large awkward objects,she likes to quote old movies at inappropriate times, travel to Europe, go to concerts, dance around her kitchen and cook for large groups of friends.  



Joan has competed in the sport of Strongman for over 6 years, placing 1st at Static Monsters 2018, 2nd at Strongman Corporation Nationals 2016, 10th at lightweight Arnold Amateur Strongwoman 2017.

She has also competed in the sport of powerlifting and has an elite powerlifting total in the 132 lb. weight class with USPA, USAPL, and USPAL.

Outside of competing in strongman and powerlifting, Joan has trained and competed in Olympic lifting, CrossFit, triathlons, century rides, 24-hour adventure races, and ultra-marathons.

Joan is currently serving as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. Throughout her naval career, she has helped sailors with their fitness.

She’s currently finishing her Masters in Sports Science and maintains the following certifications:  CrossFit Level 1, Command Fitness Leader, ISSA Nutrition, and CrossFit Powerlifting.

With a passion for fitness, health, vitality, and longevity, she wants to help everyone reach their goals. She believes in balance with nutrition and movement is key.

With that balance includes family, her husband, daughter, and fur babies. Enjoys weekends on the paddle board, bikes, indoor rock gym, and movies.

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